Park Street Collective

Taking 'walk the talk' seriously, HIP V. HYPE Sustainability partnered with Citipower to trial an integrated solar PV and Tesla Powerwall battery storage system in the Park Street Collective.

This has allowed us to test and understand cutting-edge solar panel system, Tesla battery and energy management technology while reducing the Collective's environmental impact.


HIP V. HYPE believes sustainability matters. We believe sustainability is achieved when a system exists and prospers indefinitely. We believe that a considered, integrated, responsible and innovative approach is required and we work to apply this philosophy in our operations.

Battery storage system integrated with solar panels. Photo: Kristoff Paulsen


The installation of a 3 kW rooftop solar system, 6.4 kWh Tesla Powerwall and Reposit Power controller.

Solar panels on Park Street Collective


This system is allowing the Park Street Collective to work towards being a zero net energy studio.

The trial of this technology is allowing HIP V. HYPE Sustainability to understand the opportunities and challenges to delivering sustainable, distributed energy systems through practical testing and monitoring of leading technology.

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